Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Let’s face it: social media is time consuming. As a business owner, you’ll appreciate the benefit in having an active social media strategy but in reality, do you have the time to run your business and keep all of those social accounts up-to-date?

Or perhaps you’ve yet to embrace social media and need a professional to get you established on the key networks…

Whether it’s a part of our marketing planning service or a stand-alone package, Affinitas can be relied on to manage your business’ social accounts. You will benefit from our knowledge, processes, and consistency as we create and post engaging content that speaks the language of your target audience.

Why outsource your social media management to Affinitas?

  • Tailored social media management packages to suit your business, needs, and budget.
  • An easy to manage monthly retainer
  • Integration with offline marketing activity
  • Grow your business through targeted social media advertising